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Rebecca & Richard {Wedding}

When Rebecca first inquired for our photo booth, she told us her vision and we were on it!

  • black & white photos

  • matte white backdrop

  • no props

  • a photo booth with flowy curtains to match the look of the reception..

Oh, you got it!

Secret is out.. we do have an enclosed booth option, which we don't advertise (we had black curtains for the enclosure in storage, good riddance!), but as soon as Rebecca told me what she envisioned I knew the white curtains would look amazing with the style of her wedding.. Just look at that airy, soft style going on here!! Love!!

The reception was at Phipps Conservatory in the outdoor garden. The weather was absolutely perfect for the evening and they had a sparkler sendoff (ugh, I wish I had photos of it! I'm sure their photographers will on their blog when the photos are ready, will list vendors soon).

Below are a few images from the reception, a highlight reel of photo booth images, and a few stills. Enjoy!!


Highlight Reel


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