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Alyssa & Toby {Wedding}

We spent Saturday at White Barn for Alyssa's & Toby's wedding day! I love this venue because everything can be done seamlessly in one place. We like to set up prior to guests arriving - so when the ceremony and reception are at the same place, we get to see a lot more, which is great because I love to create these highlight posts. The ceremony was outside by the pond. Luckily I was able to capture a little video from a distance.

(I realize all of the videos are in 'portrait' and not 'landscape', but I post these to my Instagram Stories in the moments I take them.)

Below are some highlight images, the photo booth reel, and a couple more video clips. Enjoy!!

String Quartet for Cocktail Hour

I LOOOOOVE this!!! Their favors were magnets for the photo booth strips. It's an awesome way to get your guests up and participating in the festivities!

I managed to step away to see the Father Daughter dance. Everything started out very traditional and sweet, then the music ripped and the tone changed to this! :) So fun!!

Alyssa's and Toby's First Dance

If you going to have a hashtag, then we'll definitely want to make a sign!

Below you'll see how we match the sign to compliment the print design.


Highlight Reel

Vendor List: (Coming up)

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