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Ashley + Rory {Wedding}

Ashley and Rory Phipps Conservatory wedding

Ashley & Rory nailed it with their tropical beachy wedding! The ceremony and reception were both at Phipps Conservatory in the Tropical Forest and Special Events Hall. Their set-up really made you feel transported to a destination wedding.

When I got there, before even seeing anything else, I'd caught Ashley right before the ceremony - the excitement and glow on her face was just contagious, and she was just stunning! I rarely get to see some of the pre-ceremony moments and they can really fill my heart with empathetic joy!

Below are some images from the reception, a few videos and the photo booth highlight reel at the very bottom. Enjoy!

The photo booth was set up in the Tropical Rainforest next to the raised fish pond. Of course I have give a fish a prop! It didn't seem too impressed.

Here's a little clip of our set up:

A view of the photo booth from the treetop lookout

Phipps Conservatory Wedding

Their guest book was the perfect keepsake to go with the theme!

Ashley & Rory's Guestbook

These two!! Just gorgeous!

Ashley & Rory Photo Booth

The 4x6 custom print design was a blue-green watercolor background, with an sea green font and gold pressed overlay

Message in a Bottle - perfect for advice and well-wishes

The seating cards were beautiful!! I can't believe I lost the close-up of these, but CLICK HERE to them out- trust me, they're beautiful! This hand lettering by Oh Joyful Day was perfect. And while you're at it, check out the awesome Signature Drinks sign Oh Joyful Day made, too.

Can I just put a floral pineapple in all my shots, please!

Phipps Conservatory

The bride + bridesmaids shot is a must have!

Wedding at Phipps Conservatory

A few of the custom props to fit the beachy theme

The sweets!

It is just too pretty to eat

The 'behind the scenes' clip of their grand entrance

Last, but surely not least, the highlight reel (best viewed on a phone):

Thank you SO SO much for having Lux Photobooth at your wedding, Ashley & Rory! It was definitely an honor to be a part of your big day and we could never ask for a better experience. Cheers to your marriage and your future together! xo!

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