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Gina's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

Operation Pickle - Complete Success!!

This St. Patrick's Day was one to remember and not for leprechauns or green beer, but we got to hang out with an amazing family, all which were so incredibly welcoming and sweet! For the print, we used Gina's bitmoji and the operation pickle theme.

Gina thought Stef (her daughter), was still in Prague at work when she made her way to Jergel's thinking she was just going to see some karaoke and have a drink with a couple friends/family. The last thing she expected was a room packed her loved ones, especially Stef who wasn't supposed to be in the states!

The photo booth was a hit with everyone! Stef got the materials for a scrapbook to create an amazing memory book for Gina, too.

Below are some highlight images. Thank you so much to Stef, Gina, and their family for having me there! It was so much fun and I hope to see you all at another event.

Happy 60th, Gina!! Cheers!!

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