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Liz + Tariq {wedding}

Venue: Hotel Monaco - Downtown Pittsburgh

Style: Modern Glam with Kate Spade influence

Colors: Black, Blush, Pink, Rose Gold

Here are the photo booth highlights for Liz and Tariq's gorgeous wedding on August 12, 2017.

Tariq and Liz!! They picked our Rose Quartz backdrop.

These next two images are taken by the amazing photographer

Leeann Marie Photography

Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

@leeannmarieg on Instagram

The selection of props were mainly black, white, gold, and pink to keep with the scheme of the wedding.

Speaking of scrapbooks, the signage is usually provided by us (you're always more than welcome to make your own). I like to use the design I custom make for each client to keep things uniform. If you have a hashtag, we like to make that signage the same way.

We always get asked what our scrapbooks looks like, too. There are two options with the one below being th

e most popular choice. It's an ivory color linen cover with neutral color pages that work with most wedding color schemes. This book is a great option because each photo gets its own page which keep the look clean and clear - just like how we like to present our photo booth! (We love to post Instagram stories during any event, so you'll see a lot of our videos in a vertical orientation.)

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