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Lux Lite


  • start screen to match wedding style

  • choice of either color or  black+white photos

  • choice of available backdrops, or provide your own

  • digital sharing: text, email + airdrop

  • live gallery

  • boomerangs

  • photos

  • video

  • free setup + teardown

Please read the FAQ below


$500 Full Reception

whether you need it for two hours or six,

it's yours for the evening

Full Reception Notes:

Booth is open from guests arrival until the DJ's last song! 

Open during cocktails, dinner, and dancing, dancing, dancing!

(pricing does not include afterparty time)

6% Sales Tax is added to the invoice per PA state law

  • Do you set up the phone, or will it be mailed?
    This will depend. - If your event is in the city of Pittsburgh, most likely we can set it up and pick it up. The final decision will come down to how both of our timelines play out that day. We'll know around a month in advance of your event so we can plan accordingly. We do prefer to set up and pick up if we can! - If your event is outside of Pittsburgh, most likely the phone will be mailed to you within the week of your wedding. See the question regarding mailing for more details. We cover the cost of shipping, and provide you a return label.
  • What is the booking process?
    If you'd like one of our Chatterbox phones are your event, send us an inquiry and we'll let you know date and phone availability. If everything looks good, we'll send you a contract and invoice. - The contract will reserve your date and phone selection. - The invoice is due either (a) before the phone is mailed, or (b) prior to the day of the event if we're setting it up. We'll finalize this later, but we do want you to have access to the invoice so you can pay it any time prior to the due date. - Within a few months of your event, we'll touch base again to email a Guidelines PDF to give you some pointers for setting up the phone and general information.
  • What is needed for setup?
    A table and an outlet. The table can be a welcome table, card box/gift table, or the cookie table. Somewhere that guests will stop at and notice it. There needs to be an outlet available for the phone. Please ensure one is available near the phone.
  • Do the phones require WiFi or a landline connection?
    Not at all! The messages are stored in the phone and retrieved by us after the event.
  • If the phone is mailed, what will I be receiving?
    You'll receive - the phone -instructions for setup at your event -a how-to sign that tells guests how to use the phone, -power cable, and a fully charged backup battery packs -an extension cable Please keep all mailing material as this is what you'll use to mail the box back to us. Included with this will be a return mailing label.
  • Can our event coordinator or planner set up the phone?
    If the phone is mailed, almost anyone can set it up. You are fully responsible for the phone and all the contents mailed, so you'll want to either do this yourself, or provide full setup details to your planner, or delegate this to responsible person in the wedding party or family member.
  • We're worried people might now use the phone, how can we encourage people to use it?
    Have people at your wedding advocate for it! Assign a couple people in your wedding party to encourage guests to use it, and ask those in your wedding party to use it so guests can see how its done. Ask your DJ or band emcee to make a few announcements throughout the evening to encourage guests to leave you a message and that this is a guest book. Have the phone displayed in a high traffic area - some ideas being by the escort cards, card box/gift table, or even near the cookie table if it isn't right next to the DJ.
  • How many recordings do we get?
    The amount of recordings aren't guaranteed, and can vary between all weddings since every group of people is different. Make sure your wedding party and DJ encourage guests to leave messages throughout the evening.
  • Do we get all the voicemails, or do you remove any of them?
    You will get all of the voicemails. The only time we may remove something is if a message isn't left and it's just background noise, or if there is any hate speech (which we don't think we'll encounter).
  • When and how do we get our messages?
    You'll receive your messages within 48 hours of us getting the phone back, whether it is picked up by us in person or after we receive it back in the mail. The messages will be emailed to you as a downloadable file. This file will include the individual messages, and a video to listen to the messages in a consecutive format. In addition to the files, you'll receive a private link to listen to the messages online or share the link with friends/family that may want to hear the messages, too.
Lux Lite with Honey Sequin Backdrop

Ready to lock in your date?

Reply to the email chain we've started

and let us know you want to reserve your date!

Everything is done online and super easy.


We'll email:

-a standard contract

This locks in your date with us.

-the booth prep questionnaire

to get the booth ready for the day

This is emailed 10 weeks prior to the wedding.

The questionnaire has questions regarding the backdrop selection, timeline, wedding colors, etc. We like to have this back two months prior to the wedding so we can start prepping the booth.


-there is no deposit required

Invoice is due any time prior to the wedding.

We'll send the invoice after the booth prep questionnaire is filled out closer to the wedding.​

Thanks so much, and please let us know

if you have any questions or ideas!!

We can't wait to party with you!!

We know we're giving you a bunch of info,

Need a side-by-side visual of the booth packages?

Click HERE to check that out.

The Gmuca Wedding
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