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How It Works

What is it?

Chatterbox captures the voices and emotions of the moment in a way that transcends written words.

It's a modern twist on the traditional guestbook!

Guests pick up the phone, then after the beep they share their well-wishes, a favorite memory, things happening in the moment, or advice in a voice message.


Afterwards, you get the files and a video compilation of the messages.

Great for weddings, milestone celebrations, or any special occasion,

Have a Listen
messages from guests at recent weddings

How It Works



Fill out the inquiry form below.

We'll get back to you with regarding audio guestbook and date availability.

Lux Phone

-If mailed , set up the audio guestbook at your event per the provided easy to follow instructions. You just have to connect to a power source or provided battery and it's ready to use!

-If you're in Pittsburgh, most often we can setup and pickup day of your event.


Ship it Back!

Once returned, we'll send you your messages within 72 hours.

You'll receive each individual audio file + a video compilation + a private online link to share that compilation with friends & family if they'd like to hear, too!





The Audio Guestbook Options

Ivory Chatterbox with Glass and Gold Sign



Black Audio Guestbook



Lux Audio Guestbook



Gold Audio Guestbook





Did You Know?

You can create your own message, so when guests pick up the phone
they'll hear YOU asking them to leave you a message!

Check it out! Here are some recent custom messages from our couples:

Audio Guestbook
  • Do you set up the phone, or will it be mailed?
    This will depend. - If your event is in the city of Pittsburgh, most likely we can set it up and pick it up. The final decision will come down to how both of our timelines play out that day. We'll know around a month in advance of your event so we can plan accordingly. We do prefer to set up and pick up if we can! - If your event is outside of Pittsburgh, most likely the phone will be mailed to you within the week of your wedding. See the question regarding mailing for more details. We cover the cost of shipping, and provide you a return label.
  • What is the booking process?
    If you'd like one of our Chatterbox phones are your event, send us an inquiry and we'll let you know date and phone availability. If everything looks good, we'll send you a contract and invoice. - The contract will reserve your date and phone selection. - The invoice is due either (a) before the phone is mailed, or (b) prior to the day of the event if we're setting it up. We'll finalize this later, but we do want you to have access to the invoice so you can pay it any time prior to the due date. - Within a few months of your event, we'll touch base again to email a Guidelines PDF to give you some pointers for setting up the phone and general information.
  • What is needed for setup?
    A table and a highly visible area. The table can be a welcome table, card box/gift table, or the cookie table. Somewhere that guests will stop at and notice it. The phone can run off our battery packs, so an outlet isn't necessary.
  • Do the phones require WiFi or a landline connection?
    Not at all! The messages are stored in the phone and retrieved by us after the event.
  • If the phone is mailed, what will I be receiving?
    You'll receive - the phone -instructions for setup at your event -a how-to sign that tells guests how to use the phone, -power cable, and a fully charged backup battery packs -an extension cable Please keep all mailing material as this is what you'll use to mail the box back to us. Included with this will be a return mailing label.
  • Can our event coordinator or planner set up the phone?
    If the phone is mailed, almost anyone can set it up. You are fully responsible for the phone and all the contents mailed, so you'll want to either do this yourself, or provide full setup details to your planner, or delegate this to responsible person in the wedding party or family member.
  • We're worried people might not use the phone, how can we encourage people to use it?
    Have people at your wedding advocate for it! Assign a couple people in your wedding party to encourage guests to use it, and ask those in your wedding party to use it so guests can see how its done. Ask your DJ or band emcee to make a few announcements throughout the evening to encourage guests to leave you a message and that this is a guest book. Have the phone displayed in a high traffic area - some ideas being by the escort cards, card box/gift table, or even near the cookie table if it isn't right next to the DJ.
  • How many recordings do we get?
    There is no limit to the number of recordings you can receive. And the number of recordings can not be guaranteed. We do want you to get as many recordings as possible, we HIGHLY encourage you to ask your wedding party to ask guests to leave messages, and please ask your DJ to put notes in his/her announcements asking guests to use the audio guestbook.
  • Do we get all the voicemails, or do you remove any of them?
    You will get all of the voicemails. The only time we may remove something is if a message isn't left and it's just background noise, or if there is any hate speech (which we've note encountered but mindful of as we process your messages).
  • When and how do we get our messages?
    You'll receive your messages within 48 hours of us getting the phone back, whether it is picked up by us in person or after we receive it back in the mail. The messages will be emailed to you as a downloadable file. This file will include the individual messages, and a video to listen to the messages in a consecutive format. In addition to the files, you'll receive a private link to listen to the messages online or share the link with friends/family that may want to hear the messages, too.
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